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Dr. Lee Faulkner
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  Lee Faulkner - Optometric Physician

I started wearing glasses at age 5. I didn't like it either, but by the time I was 8 years old, I didn't have a choice. I was a full time wearer. I played a lot of sports, and tried bands to hold on my glasses, recreation spectacles (rec-specs/goggles), before finally going to contact lenses around the age of 14.

I played football, basketball, and baseball through junior high and high school in Jellico, TN, before playing football at East Tennessee State University. I graduated from ETSU with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1990, finished my pre-med classes at ETSU before moving to Memphis to attend Southern College of Optometry in 1991.

While attending SCO, I also attended the University of Memphis completing the remaining classes necessary to attain my Bachelor of Science degree, and eventually my Doctor of Optometry in 1995 from SCO. Also while going to optometry school, I began renovating apartment buildings, and became the owner and landlord of an apartment building where I met and began dating my wife, Dr. Julie.

While playing flag football at SCO during my senior year, I was hit in the eye by a football, and ended up with more than a dozen different retinal detachments. I had laser surgery, cryopexy(freezing probe to the eye), sectoral scleral buckle, vitrectomy, and finally a full encircling scleral buckle, all with multiple laser surgeries in an effort to keep my left eye from going blind. The central vision was saved, but I have lost some peripheral vision. I have since had laser surgery to correct my vision, and I no longer wear a contact or glasses for my right eye. I have had cataract surgery in the problematic left eye, and have a multifocal implant in that eye. I still need a contact or glasses prescription to achieve my best vision in the left eye.

When not practicing optometry, I am a real estate developer, an active competitor in master s track and field, specializing in mulit-events such as decathlon, heptathlon, and the pentathlon. I have been able to achieve All-American status in these events and some individual events, as well as fortunate enough to win several national championships in these events. I enjoy and participate in many sports, enjoy traveling, and spending time with my daughter Tori, and my wife Dr. Julie.

Dr. Julie Faulkner
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  Julie Faulkner - Optometric Physician

Dr. Julie Faulkner is an optometric physician who graduated from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN in 1997 and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in biology from the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 1993

Dr. Julie enjoys working with all patients, but particularly enjoys working with children. When not practicing optometry, Dr. Julie participates in triathlons and enjoys spending time with her daughter Tori (and Dr. Lee, of course).


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